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Technical Skills

Programming Languages
Programming Skills
Since childhood, I used to be very curious about how things around me work so smoothy. This curiosity compelled me to get hands-on experience on different technologies from micro-controller (i.e. Arduino and raspberry), Artificial Intelligence, and IoT up to some extend. During my stay in SRM, I got an opportunity to work on many projects which expanded the frontiers of my knowledge implementation.
During my tenure in TCS, I learned many technologies like Burp Suite (penetration testing), SAST, DAST, RPA Ui-Path. I was in another field but I didn't stopped pursuing my passion towards Artificial Intelligence , I continued to gain knowledge in the field of A.I, by working on freelancing project. Have acute know of python and its supporting libraries (OpenCv, Keras, Tensorflow and etc)
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Languages Known

My mother tongue is Hindi but I speak English as well.


During my stay in SRM, we had to learn one foreign language to complete our B.Tech degree. So I chose Mandrine as my foreign language. Fortunately, I got the chance to learn from the native mandarin speaker in our college from Taiwan Education Centre (TEC). 


Other Works
  1. Noise reduction in the video as well as in the image - Used 3DCNN and 2D-CNN, to reduce the noise present in the video and as well as in the image using GANS as well.
  2. Social DistancingBy using OpenCV and Keras made a module which detects humans in the video frame calculate the distance between then and intimate the authority if they are very close to each other, by sliding window.
  3. Library Management System - A hybrid website that has two modules Admin and student modules. The Functionality includes automatic triggering of email for an overdue book, renewal of book, issue of the book, and many other events.
  4. Laundry Management SystemHybrid website, actually it was an initiative to bring all laundry shops in and around SRM to one platform. Unfortunately, it did not goes as per our plan. But we build a website that accepted  16 clothes per week with different price rates from the nearest location which is convenient for the student. It also has SMS  and email functionality when any event occurs.
  5. Another project such as Proximity Sensor (IoT), Autonomous Car (ML and Iot), Secure Locking Module (IoT, Using xbees, Raspberry, Arduino, and webcam communicating with each other via. serial communication.
  6. Object detection with R-CNN: In this, I implemented R-CNN to detect the objects present in the video frame viz. balls, mobile phones, remotes, etc by incorporating raspberry pi and webcam.
  7. Sound Identification: In this, I used librosa library to decode the digital sound signal into numeric, and with the help of this numeric data, I classified the sound emitted by different objects by implementing 1D-CNN.
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