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Mile Stones

Trending Article at Number 1 Position: Nikolan News
My Article named as How to evaluate Machine Learning models? - Part 2 was trending at Number 1 in Nikolan News, Technical News Magazines.
Advisory Commitee Member,
IFERP: Virtual Conference on Industry 4.0

As a member of Advisory Commitee in IFERP: VIrtual Conference on Industry 4.0 worked with other stake holder for conduncting the Conference and the acceptance of research papers.
Reviewer: IEEE INOCON , 2020
As a reviewers for validating the research paper / journals (related to AI, ML, and Data Science)submitted to the INOCON 2020 
Editor:  IIP Proceedings
Scholarship: Udacity
I got an Scholarship in the year 2021 from Udacity to upskill my knowledge on the field of AI from Amazon.
Editor:  IIP Proceedings
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