Ravi Shekhar  Tiwari


Young Achiever's Award, InSc
Year : 2020
Won the Young Achiever's Award in the year-2020, by InSc. This award had been awarded for publishing patent on "Video Captioning using Encoder and Encoder module" (site).
Youngest Researcher's Award,
Green Thinkerz,
Year : 2020
Won the Youngest Researcher's Award in the year-2020, by Green ThinkerZ. This award had been awarded for my contribution in the field of Science and Technology.
      Science Exhibition, 
                   SRM IST, Year:2015
Won 1st Prize in the Exhibition of Physics and Nanotechnology in SRM IST, in the year 2015, for the electromagnetic gate.
Youngest Researcher Award : year 2020
E-Badge Young Researchers (1)
Young Achiever Award, Year- 2020
Professional Member of InSc
Recognized Reviewer
1st Price in Tech-Know 2015,SRMIST
Courses /
Intro To Deep Learning
Feature Engineering
Computer Vision
STTP-3 Deep Learning with Cyber Security
STTP-2 Deep Learning with Cyber Security
IWASR 2021
Deep Learning with Pytorch : Zero to Gans
Raspberry Pi Masterclass
Microsoft AI Classroom Series
STTP: Developing Cyber Security Models using Statistical and Deep Learning
CS50- Artificial Intelligence Course
Artificial Intelligence Crash Course
Natural Language Processing
NASA Space App Bootcamp Series
Natural Language Processing
Ravi Shekhar Tiwari - Microchallenges
Data Analysis with Python: Zero to Pandas
Global Resllience Submit
Ethical Hacking
Neural Network and Deep Learning
Keras Crash Course
Deep Learning A-Z
Complete Java and Android Course
Php with MySql
Aicte SRM ! week STTP on MAchine Learning with Python and Data Science
Getting Started with Neural Network
Decision Trees
Python Course - Basic, Pandas, Visualisatons
Data Visualization
Machine Learning Explainability
IEEE- Certificate
SRM-Certification of Participation
Data Cleaning
Feature Engineering
Intro to Machine Learning
Intermediate Machine Learning
Ravi Shekhar Tiwari - Pandas
IEEE- Participation Certificate
Geo University
Python- Kaggle
Certificates of RPA-UiPath
Certificates of RPA-UiPath Basic
Certificates of RPA-UiPath Level-1
Certificates of RPA-UiPath Fundamentals
Certificates of RPA-UiPath
Gait- Human Walking Pattern
Certificates of Visualization of statistics
Certificates of OpenCv for D.L
Certificates of Building Chatbot - without coding
Certificates of RPA-UiPath Level-2
Machine_Learning A-Z Course
Courses/ Seminars
Learning is the key to mankind's evolution. Learning never steps in our journey. I completed many courses from udemy on Ui-Path Rpa and attended webinar/seminar  on Artificial Intelligence, Opencv and many other courses. So that I am with the latest technology.